Financial Assessments & Advice

Financial problems affect New Zealand businesses of all sizes. However, the ability to overcome these problems is what separates the successful, long-lasting businesses from the ones that unfortunately fail early.

If you or your business is experiencing financial difficulty, we can provide the knowledge and expertise you need to overcome the threats of insolvency, bankruptcy or liquidation.

Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment, or read on to learn how we can help with all sorts of financial issues:

Insolvency Support & Advice

Insolvency occurs when a person, business or other entity cannot pay back the debt they owe. When insolvency is not managed correctly, it can result in bankruptcy or liquidation. This can result in damage to you or your company’s finances, reputation and credit.

As experts in insolvency, we can analyse your financial situation and work with you to create an effective strategy. This will allow you follow a plan which prevents further financial issues.

Liquidation & Receivership Support & Advice

Liquidation or receivership often occur as a result of insolvency. During these processes, a liquidator or receiver is appointed to sell remaining goods or assets until debts have been paid.

When you book an appointment with us, we can advise you on whether liquidation or receivership is an appropriate course of action for your financial situation. We can also work with you to try to avoid liquidation or receivership if this is possible.

Insolvency & Finance Specialist in Hamilton and Tauranga

Does your business need a financial assessment? If so, we can help. Book a meeting with us today and we can discuss review your financial status and offer helpful, effective options.